We feature a locked and secured demolition depot, recognized by the qualified governments. We collect the electronic materials and transport it to our site. We then dismantle manually and precise in different steps and sort the released recycle fractions (metal, glass, plastic, etc.).

We guarantee the security during the entire process. From the moment your material is collected untill the dismantling has happened. When we come across a data carrier like e.a. a hard drive, we ensure a guaranteed destruction.

Materials that qualify for dismantling:

  • pcs
  • laptops (notebooks)
  • telephones and smartphones
  • faxes
  • printers
  • keyboards
  • routers
  • usb-sticks
  • photo cameras
  • video cameras
  • televisions (tube and flatscreen)
  • electronic cables
  • WEEE (wasted electric and electronic equipment)