About Datavernietiging Michel

As the first archive and document destruction company in Belgium you can benefit from our experience!

  • Finance and insurance (banks, insurance brokers, investment banking, accountants,…)
  • Social (town- and city administrations, CPAS, shelters, social secretariats, public administrations, …)
  • Juridical (notaryships, lawyers, judges, curators, …)
  • Medical (doctors, hosptials, specialists,…)

In de schoot van onze moederfirma Oud Papier Jozef Michel nv is in 1986 Datavernietiging Michel nv geboren. Door onze jarenlange ervaring en doorgedreven toewijding, durven wij ons specialisten in het vak te noemen. De vrachtwagens waarmee we uw archieven komen afhalen zijn volledig afgesloten en het papier wordt op dezelfde dag nog vernietigd. Van deze vernietiging leveren wij een attest.

Why choose DVN?

Next to our main enterprise Oud Papier Jozef Michel NV in 1986 Datavernietiging Michel NV was born. Through our experience and devotion we dare to call us Specialists in our trade. Our trucks are completely sealed and the archives and documents are destructed the very same day. We guarantee the full destruction of your archives and documents with our destruction certificates.

What makes DVN unique?

We deliver the best professional service with the mentality of a family business.

Fully secluded destruction depots under permanent video surveillance ensure complete safety.
  • We always look for tailored solutions for our customers or projects.
  • Quick response. We make sure you get a swift response to your information application.
  • Fast service. We can arrange a pickup within a few days after your application.
  • You don't have to sort in advance. Boxes, files, clamps, plastic folders and other are no problem.
  • You don't have to place the container outside. We pick up the container where it fits you best and replace it with a new one on the exact location where you would like it to be.
  • Afamily business is not to be compared with an enterpise part of a large group. Short structures, fast decision making and customer happiness are textbook examples of the power of a family business.
  • We offer security, discretion en trust. Every single destruction is ensured with our certificates of destruction.

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